Technical Program


The annual rock mechanics / geomechanics symposium encompasses all aspects of rock mechanics, rock engineering, and geomechanics, with a focus on fundamental, practical, and educational issues facing our profession. For the Golden 2024 symposium we invite scientific and engineering papers in seven major technical tracks.




Storage & Sequestration

Petroleum – Conventional

Petroleum – Unconventional


Topics of interest include:

Geomechanics in cultural heritage

Tunneling and underground infrastructure

Slope stability, dams, and foundations

Geohazards risk assessment and mitigation

Innovative laboratory and field testing

Discrete fracture systems

Numerical modeling of geostructures

Mine-scale numerical modeling

Induced seismicity and rockbursting

Ground control in mining

Geomechanics and geothermal resources

Artificial Intelligence and data science in geomechanics

Imaging technologies, non-destructive testing

Relating geology and geomechanics

Coupled processes in geomechanics

Visualization, AR, and VR in geomechanics

Uncertainty assessment and management

Unconventional resources in geomechanics

Reservoir characterization and simulation

Drilling mechanics and engineering

Underground storage and sequestration (CCUS, Hydrogen, waste materials)

Hydraulic fracturing